Wednesday, April 27, 2011

#1 Hits Parade

Sonny and the Sunsets-- "Hit After Hit"
Sonny's second full-length release is a throwback to 1960's style garage pop and the travesties of being young.  Its lo-fi shenanigans are playfully crossed with an undercurrent of cheeky bravado and ridiculously catchy guitar.  Tom Breihan over at Pitchfork says it best: "[Sonny and the Sunsets] know how to convey confused-teenager feelings in smart,  adult ways."  This is well on the way to being on my end-of-the-year top 10.

Explosions in the Sky-- "Take Care Take Care Take Care"
The indie kings of instrumental post-rock are back with a six-song EP of fairly ordinary musical lines that build upon each other into a complex beast of incredibly subtle proportions (considering).  It's organic and rich and seems to go on far longer than the track-list indicates. The artwork is nifty, but crosses the line into obnoxiousness when you realize the 4-fold gate sleeve on the CD and the Vinyl doesn't fit on any shelf known to humankind.  

Monday, April 18, 2011

Head Explodey!

tUnE-yArDs-- "WHOKILL"
I'd like to thank Sean for making me listen to these guys (this girl?) 
Ridiculous, bouncy and almost impossible to really describe.
(maybe if Record Store Day hadn't killed me...)
Suffice to say, I don't dance--but I do when this is on.  It's impossible not to.

Why had I not been listening to these guys before now?  I've picked up all of their other albums based on the strength of this release alone.  They channel Better Than Ezra and Mazarin without being completely college rock-y, and I am totally in love.  It's doofy, feel-good indie pop-rock with a modern edge.  Get it!

Check back for our 
Record Store Day 2011 photo-extravaganza!

 We Still have a few RSD releases available!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Record Store Day

Update: Due to inclement weather, our Outside Show is canceled.
The Inside Show is a go, with slight revisions.


Come on down for live music and limited edition vinyl!!!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Record Store Day 2011

Come for the Vinyl, Stay for the Music!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Record Store Day Promo by our friends at Hey, Check Out This Song!

Friend of Von's Records Mike Reeb and his cohort Matt Scherger host a podcast "Hey, Check Out This Song!" in which the two play each other some new music and comment on their first impressions of the song. In addition to new music, they seek out local events and musicians to interview on their hand-held tape recorder and feature them on the podcast.

Mike was nice enough to come by the store and ask us a few questions about Record Store Day, and our own Tyler Figg gave him a ragged, nervous explanation of the event and discussed the benefits of independent record stores versus the Best Buys of the world.

Von's Record Store Day Promo with Hey, Check Out this Song!

Enjoy the interview and check out Mike and Matt's "Hey, Check Out This Song!" on iTunes or at their site HERE.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Killing it with the Kills

The Kills--Blood Pressures
The Kills return with Blood Pressures (their first album since 2008's Midnight Boom) and it is a killer. Thanks to Rolling Stone and, I've been able to listen to the album a few times now and I have to say that it is probably their most accessable album to date. Allison Mossheart's voice seethes with smoke-filled beauty, and Jamie Hince's production is spot on. From the opening chords of "Future Starts Slow" to the last ringing of "Pots and Pans" The Kills show that good things come to those who wait.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Show Time!

Record Store Day 2011 Live Music Line-up

Outdoor Stage:
11-12 High School Girls
12-1 No Hay Bonda
1-2 Gypsy Slam Band
2-3 Fredericks Martinez
3-4 Dino DNA
4-5 Why I Like Robins
5-6 Six Dollar Suit
6-7 Duilliath
7-8 Theophagy
8-9 Narrow House


Indoor Stage:
12-12:30 Mike Reeb
12:30-1 The Prannies
1-2 Mr. K
2-2:30 Seth Benjamin
3-3:30 Mike Golden & Friends
3:30-4 Outdoor Velour
4-4:30 Gordon Wantuch
4:30-5 Koala Yummy and the Dunkaroos
5-5:30 Greg the Can Opener
5:30-6 Paul K
6-6:30 Philosopher Philosopher
6:30-7 Broken Light
7-7:30 Ethan Robbins
7:30-8 TBA
8-9 John Stossel’s Mustache