Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Record Store Day Promo by our friends at Hey, Check Out This Song!

Friend of Von's Records Mike Reeb and his cohort Matt Scherger host a podcast "Hey, Check Out This Song!" in which the two play each other some new music and comment on their first impressions of the song. In addition to new music, they seek out local events and musicians to interview on their hand-held tape recorder and feature them on the podcast.

Mike was nice enough to come by the store and ask us a few questions about Record Store Day, and our own Tyler Figg gave him a ragged, nervous explanation of the event and discussed the benefits of independent record stores versus the Best Buys of the world.

Von's Record Store Day Promo with Hey, Check Out this Song!

Enjoy the interview and check out Mike and Matt's "Hey, Check Out This Song!" on iTunes or at their site HERE.

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Anonymous said...

just an fyi... a little band called TV Ghost, from your own town is dropping an album today called Mass Dream. I think some attention is due here... http://www.midheaven.com/item/mass-dream-by-tv-ghost-cd
Check it out..best thing to come out of this town since Dow Jones and the Industrials.