Thursday, January 29, 2015

Shifty's Annual Monthly Album Rundown Overview- January 2015

It was a good month for music, man. Cool. 
Everything on here gets a Shifty Seal of Approval!!!!!


Panda Bear- Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper
-I like this cause it's got some sweet tunes on it. Panda Bear is fam, man. Not as good as Person Pitch, but I can't name a lot of things that are. #givetheguyabreakokay

Justin Townes Earle- Absent Fathers
-Someone's got some daddy issues. Guess who it is. It's Justin Townes Earle. Sorry man. #thiswholealbumisadisstrack

Alex Calder- Strange Dreams
-This guy is good friends with Mac Demarco. That explains a lot. V chill. #thereisabigdifferencebetweenlazinessandlethargy

Sleater-Kinney- No Cities to Love
-There are plenty of cities to love. #amiright  

Napalm Death- Apex Predator
-Grindcore man. Does this album skew more towards hardcore punk or death metal? Let's have a discussion about putting things in a box or something. #whocaresimjustinitforthetinnitus

Pond- Man It Feels Like Space Again
-You're goddamn right it feels like space again. These guys are answering all of the hard life questions. #nicealbumtitle

#thingsilikedliked(These ones get two Shifty Seals of Approval)

Joey Bada$$- B4Da$$
-Probably the best album title of all time. So much effort was put into that, ya know. Cause it's like his name and he doesn't have $$ yet. So smart. So hip. So hop. Good beats. Good lyrics. I liked 1999 a little better, but that doesn't matter. 90's kids man.  #only90skidswithbackpackswillunderstand

Viet Cong- Viet Cong
-Very spooky stuff. My favorite album from this month. I like the last song on this album the most cause cause it's really long and it has a pretty name. #listentothiswhenyouarelootingthroughcansofbeansduringtheapocalypse

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Rundown of the Triple J Hottest 100

This year's Triple J Hottest 100 list is now in, as of about 4 am EST today. If, like me up until about a week ago, you hadn't heard of this list before, it's fairly simple: for Australia day, 2 million fans of the station voted the 100 best songs of the year while paying special attention to artists that may have been passed up by more conventional year end lists. The nationally networked Australian station has helped raise up many Australian artists and shined a lot on a lot of artists not appreciated in their own countries. Minus the disqualification of T-swifty, the poll is intended to be the "world's greatest music democracy." Tell us what you think about that, and if you anything to say about the ranking of these songs.
 Oh, and enjoy the playlists - YouTube - Spotify

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Close Your Eyes And Count To Meow

Fancy Feast© your eyes and ears on these early samples of Meow the Jewels. I don't think it would be presumptuous to call this the finest example of feline-based hip hop since Cat City. EL-P has been hard at work on his portion of the album, and will have help from Dan the Automator, The Alchemist, and Zola Jesus. The album is clearly already a contender for GOAT, and that was before announcement of the inclusion of Lil Bub's dulcet meows. Don't let these poor kittens' work go to waste. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Amason (am-uh-zon): Your New Favorite Swedish Indie-pop Band

These guys' dreamy 80's pop sound really took me by surprise. It's good to have a Swedish band that isn't screaming at me about how bleak their existence is! Their first album comes out in the states in two weeks (1/27). NPR has the first listen here.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Dream of the 90's Lives on Next Week

Sometimes there comes a week that makes almost everyone at Von's Records happy...almost.

Rabbit is always heartened when a beloved 90's band  bursts back onto the scene with a good album. This week, we have two releases that have most of us here giddy with anticipation. Sleater-Kinney is back after their nine year hiatus with what critics are calling one of their best albums to date. Check out the video for the album's title track "No Cities to Love" featuring Carrie Brownstein's Portlandia costar Fred Armisen along with a bunch of other people you may recognize.

I've listened to this album streaming on NPR a few times now. It is excellent.

Next week also brings us the first full album of new content in five years from another 90's favorite, Belle and Sebastian. Dr. McNinja has been talking up Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance around the shop like crazy, but don't take his word for it because he's not actually a doctor! I, your friendly neighborhood Hawkguy give this album my full endorsement. If you're into music that manages to be both lyrically rich and incredibly fun to listen to, look no further.

The final album of note debuting next week is the return of the Decemberists after their five year break after 2010's excellent The King is Dead. Bearded Sad Man almost cracked a smile when their new album, What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World was announced. Their new music video brought tears to his eyes...well, more tears. 

So, there you have it. Three reasons to be excited for new music to put in your earholes this coming Tuesday. I'm sure you'll be hearing all of us here playing this stuff for the next few months. Well, everyone except George Washington Christ who hates all things 90's as well as anything that brings joy to others... He'll probably just be listening to his depressing folk singers wishing the rest of us would go ahead and die already... 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

This Actually Happened.

MZ's Top Music of 2014
(in no particular order)

New Pornographers: Brill Bruisers
Oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh,
oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh,
oh, oh. Au go-go!

Spoon: They Want My Soul
Mayakovsky rolls
over. Britt shits on Merge, and
Uni swallows Spoon.

Interpol: El Pintor
My blue Olds never
cruised like Banksie's machine.
Fuck Pitchfork and ride!

Swans: To Be Kind
Sweet fifty-nine, Mike
Gira still makes music to make
pain make music pain.

Kishi Bashi: Light
Half Japanese who
can mimic Ray Davies?
Chemicalize me!

War on Drugs: Lost in the Dream
Dazzling sounds borne of
loneliness, depression and death.
Affirm! Play! Affirm!