Friday, March 13, 2009

Peter Bjorn and John - Nothing to Worry About

Thanks again to Sweden.

EMI Should Choke on a Bag of Dicks

After a nearly 40-year long working relationship, EMI summarily dismissed us along with who knows how many other independent accounts (both single-location and small chain accounts) on Friday, March 6th.

Like UNI some ten years ago, EMI has evidently determined that a healthy bottom line and pay raises for a coterie of executives can only be maintained by trimming accounts to reduce total number of per-week shipments and by dumping as many non-essential front-line personnel (a.k.a. customer service, sales, and fulfillment people) as possible.

Unlike UNI some ten years ago, EMI is not a healthy (albeit supremely evil) recording company with a roster of money making artists. Coldplay and an unstable crew of cowboys and christians just can't hork up the kinda moolah that UNI's urban division alone was projectile vomitting throughout the tail end of the 90's when UNI told all small fry (retailers and artists alike) to suck hind tit.

Nevertheless, by way of heartfelt reminisence, here's the age-appropriately sized Sex Pistols from 2003 to kiss away the crocodile tears from our eyes. I can only hope that what EMI has done to Caroline someone else (probably UNI) will soon do to them.