Monday, July 29, 2013

Hard at Work

The things 
George Washington Christ 
does for you guys.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Delaware Synth Crunch

 My initial thoughts of this album were, "man they should really clarify on the name." This thought stemmed from the fact that the album cover, with its art on the minimum, makes you think that Mean Lady Love Now was the band's full name. Say the whole thing all at once and you'll get it. While it would be a catchy name the band's actual name is Mean Lady and the album's is Love Now.
     Mean Lady is an Electro-Pop duo out of Delaware and Love Now is their debut album, released under Fat Possum Records. This album is chock full of upbeat little ditties about romances past and maybe even future being sung out to the lofty vocals of Katie Dill--whose voice, along with the catchy crunch of finely tuned beats, is enough to make a teenage boy swoon, but no's good. As Rabbit put it, it makes me tingly in my toes.
     With the upbeat melodies driving the songs Love Now quickly becomes one giant funfest of songs blending from one to another. The album does this because it's kept simple in the best way possible. By that I mean the lyrics aren't anything seismic that will shake your cerebrum while the instruments in the back lull you into a happy place and then do just enough to change and always keep you interested. One song can sound highly remnant of the last one if you let the music play without any true attention being paid to it, except when they toss in some reggae like vibes. A fine example of its lyrical simplicity and compactness is that Mean Lady fit the lyrics to all the songs inside of the front panel of the CD case.
     These observations could appear to be slightly negative, but these characteristics are really why this is one of my favorite more recent albums. The fun it evokes and simple but lovely song complexions are what make this an album that I would be glad to listen to again and really enjoy listening to now. I give this album 4 discoing shrimp out of 5.