Thursday, January 29, 2015

Shifty's Annual Monthly Album Rundown Overview- January 2015

It was a good month for music, man. Cool. 
Everything on here gets a Shifty Seal of Approval!!!!!


Panda Bear- Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper
-I like this cause it's got some sweet tunes on it. Panda Bear is fam, man. Not as good as Person Pitch, but I can't name a lot of things that are. #givetheguyabreakokay

Justin Townes Earle- Absent Fathers
-Someone's got some daddy issues. Guess who it is. It's Justin Townes Earle. Sorry man. #thiswholealbumisadisstrack

Alex Calder- Strange Dreams
-This guy is good friends with Mac Demarco. That explains a lot. V chill. #thereisabigdifferencebetweenlazinessandlethargy

Sleater-Kinney- No Cities to Love
-There are plenty of cities to love. #amiright  

Napalm Death- Apex Predator
-Grindcore man. Does this album skew more towards hardcore punk or death metal? Let's have a discussion about putting things in a box or something. #whocaresimjustinitforthetinnitus

Pond- Man It Feels Like Space Again
-You're goddamn right it feels like space again. These guys are answering all of the hard life questions. #nicealbumtitle

#thingsilikedliked(These ones get two Shifty Seals of Approval)

Joey Bada$$- B4Da$$
-Probably the best album title of all time. So much effort was put into that, ya know. Cause it's like his name and he doesn't have $$ yet. So smart. So hip. So hop. Good beats. Good lyrics. I liked 1999 a little better, but that doesn't matter. 90's kids man.  #only90skidswithbackpackswillunderstand

Viet Cong- Viet Cong
-Very spooky stuff. My favorite album from this month. I like the last song on this album the most cause cause it's really long and it has a pretty name. #listentothiswhenyouarelootingthroughcansofbeansduringtheapocalypse

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