Wednesday, April 27, 2011

#1 Hits Parade

Sonny and the Sunsets-- "Hit After Hit"
Sonny's second full-length release is a throwback to 1960's style garage pop and the travesties of being young.  Its lo-fi shenanigans are playfully crossed with an undercurrent of cheeky bravado and ridiculously catchy guitar.  Tom Breihan over at Pitchfork says it best: "[Sonny and the Sunsets] know how to convey confused-teenager feelings in smart,  adult ways."  This is well on the way to being on my end-of-the-year top 10.

Explosions in the Sky-- "Take Care Take Care Take Care"
The indie kings of instrumental post-rock are back with a six-song EP of fairly ordinary musical lines that build upon each other into a complex beast of incredibly subtle proportions (considering).  It's organic and rich and seems to go on far longer than the track-list indicates. The artwork is nifty, but crosses the line into obnoxiousness when you realize the 4-fold gate sleeve on the CD and the Vinyl doesn't fit on any shelf known to humankind.  

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