Friday, May 6, 2011

You Must Never Tell It

I'd actually heard of Kites Overhead last fall when I'd downloaded an MP3 sample via I(heart)Music.  I wish I'd sought out the rest of his music sooner than this.
I've needed this.  I've had my Maps CDs on repeat for weeks now, hoping for something similar to get me through.  Kites Overhead is Gene Kondusky (of Canada!) layering his way through fuzzed-out, textured loops and a spacey blend of electro-pop and post-rock.  
As other people have pointed out, his vocals aren't necessarily strong--but I can't imagine them any other way.  They channel the intensity of an emotionally bruised Say Hi and the distance of Mazzy Star (if Hope Sandoval was on a manic up-swing and obsessively listening to James Figurine). This is brilliant.  
I only wish he were touring--Gene, if you're reading this, that's a big fat hint.

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