Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Best $7 You'll Spend This Week

That's right, you heard me. Seven dollars. Well, $6.99 plus a 7% sales tax which comes out to $7.48, but stop it with all the damn semantics. Anyway, before you rudely interrupted me with a rant about tax brackets and income inequality, I was telling you that Courtney Barnett has a new album this week and Doctor McNinja (Or Alex when you're looking for his employee pick box in the store) himself recommends it. It's called Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit, which may describe Doctor McNinja's work ethic a little too well.

"But hey, who the hell is Courtney Barnett anyway?" Well, other than being an overly charming Australian goddess and a person of undetermined age according to wikipedia, Courtney Barnett is what would occur if Lou Reed and Mitch Hedberg had a child that then mated with Patti Smith. And that bizarre love affair produces sloppy guitar blending with clever spiraling lyrics and moods ranging from sarcastic shouting to sentimental shoegazing. She's put out three EPs through her company, Milk! Records. Sometimes I Sit serves as her debut album.

"And why should I care?"  
Did Bjork put out a video like that this week? Nope.

Can Toto's new album turn a mundane house hunt into social commentary about a dilapidated suburb of Melbourne? Didn't think so.

Did Modest Mouwait never mind, that one did kind of rock. But it is $3 dollars more expensive and it's in Rabbit's pick box so you should definitely pick up Courtney Barnett instead, Indie Australian music is depending on you.

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