Saturday, August 6, 2011

3 more

I was surfing through the record collection and found a few more albums worth a shout out.
Rival Sons-Pressure & Time
This is some more of that killer boogie rock that just makes me all happy in the right places. Their singer reminds me very much of Paul Rodgers (he fronted Free and Bad Company and was briefly filling in with Queen). This is their second album and I discovered it because the track Get Mine was iTunes free single of the week. They are starting to get some attention as they have been opening for Judas Priest in the UK and have been featured in the Jeremiah Weed beer commercials. Just a great band with a really apparent love for classic rock.
Interesting side note: The album cover was designed by Storm Thorgerson who has done covers for Zeppelin, Biffy Clyro, Audioslave, Muse, The Mars Volta and, most famously, Pink Floyd.
Dirty Sweet-...Of Monarchs & Beggars
Here is another really great classic rock throwback. These guys owe quite a bit (including their name) to T. Rex. This album was just such a fun listen. It's been on my iPod for a couple years and if you swing by the shop there is a good chance that I'll be playing this one (if I'm not, just ask, I'm almost always in the mood to play it). It's got the groove, it's got a little of the blues, and it's got some sleaze. This one is totally worth the price of admission.

Buffalo Killers-3
For their, fittingly titled, third album, the Buffalo Killers really show what makes them a great band. It's solid throughout. I would expect nothing less from these Cincinnati blues-rockers. In case you can't tell I've got a thing for garage/blues/boogie-rock bands, and the Buffalo Killers are no exception. The album has only been out a couple of weeks but I can already tell it'll be high on my albums of the year list. Another great outing from these guys.

We just got in limited edition purple vinyl of this one. So, hurry and get one before I buy them all.

So, there you have it. 3 more picks worth a trip around the turntable.

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