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Shifty Dual Month Annual Album Reviews™- April & May: Shifty Returns With a Vengeance Part 2.A.iii of 4

I didn't make a list thing in April because I didn't have the time to make one. I'm gonna put that right here. Cool. There was a lot of good music that came out the past two months.

Due to the fact that I featured two months of music in this Rundown Overview, I separated the music by month. The same prison rules apply to these Monthly Rundown Overviews. If I like a music it goes under the #thingsiliked section and it also gets one Shifty Seal of Approval™. If I really liked a music, then it goes under the #thingsilikedliked section, and OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! IT GETS TWO SHIFTY SEALS OF APPROVAL™!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU BASED SHIFTY AND THANK YOU BASED SEALS!!!!!!!! This is what a Shifty Seal of Approval™ looks like:

It is cute and you want one

April Music


Speedy Ortiz- Foil Dear
Very fierce. Sadie Dupuis is a great lyricist and this album features some of her best to date. Only a genius would be in a Pavement cover band called Babement. The only reason why I didn't love this album is because I felt like the the guitars weren't as dynamic on this album.

Toro y Moi- What For?
Toro y Moi is trying to go back to the simpler times. It's kind of a return to his roots simply because this album sounds the most similar to the music that was on June 2009. And I love it because that's a damn good album, and so is this. I wouldn't call this Chill Wave though..... it's more complicated than that.

Waxahatchee-Ivy Tripp
Katie Crutchfield has been making some sweet DIY music for a while now. She just signed to Merge and her new album features her at her most confident. She is not one to be triffled with and Ivy Tripp is her loudest battle cry yet. 

May Music


I love the production on this. It really suits Rocky's flow. I really think that Rocky is buying fully into this 100% druggy aesthetic and that we may never see another song like Fucking Problems from him again. What the hell is a Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye, and why are there 2 of them? Good song though.

The same ole noise that I've come to know and love from METZ. Very high volume rock music. You can really tell that METZ really cares, because they make it so easy for everyone to hear their music.

Shamir- Ratchet
Shamir originally wanted to make country music. Some of his earlier stuff was inspired by country, but I really think that he found his calling with some of the more eclectic and electr(on)ic songs on this album. Lots of jams on this one.

Thee Oh Sees- Mutilator Defeated At Last
Thee Oh Sees has been grinding since day one. They are still putting out awesome music, and they are still combining garage and psych rock. The only thing that consistently changes is the members of the band. Keeps em fresh I guess.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra- Multi-Love
The inspiration behind this album is really interesting. Unknown Mortal Orchestra's emotional feels is getting real tangly and it makes the album feel real tingly. They should use that as a blurb. Once again they gathered a bunch of inspiration from a decade of music (this time it was the 70s). They threw in some disco groove beats for good measure.

As you probably noticed, I didn't put anything under the #thingsilikedliked category for April or May. This is an open letter to the music industry: Step your game up. Shifty out.

Thanks for reading this.  :)

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