Friday, March 16, 2012

Easy Money

Bruce Springsteen--Wrecking Ball
The first time I heard Springsteen's last album, I thought someone had created a depressingly realistic parody of him.  I'm a one-legged dog running through town?  Seriously? Just, no.
So I tossed this one on the stereo expecting to laugh it off should anyone give me the side-eye and mumble something hipsterish and douche-y under their breath about selling-out (You know I've seen you playing air-guitar to Led Zeppelin, right? Yeah, you.) But this, this is good.  He's angry and rebellious and all at once wistful in that classic Springsteen-ian juxtaposition of resignation and hope Nebraska had (that Working on a Dream didn't).  It's Arcade Fire's The Suburbs, twenty years from now.  He never did escape.  

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