Monday, November 28, 2011

I am Upside Down

My two current Obsessions are "What Goes On" from the Velvet Underground's Live Vol. 1 and "And the Glitter is Gone" from Yo La Tengo's Popular Songs.
The wiggy manic jam session halfway-through "What Goes On" gets me every time--goddamned organ noodles that flip back on themselves and change and you don't even notice even when you've got your headphones on and nothing else exists.
And I can't even begin to pinpoint what, exactly, it is about 'Glitter' that burrows under my skin and nibbles on my bones.
To borrow a phrase I picked up flipping through reviews awhile ago, these two tracks are "both harrowing and oddly comforting."  And that is as close as I will ever come, I think, to making any sense  of it.

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