Thursday, September 29, 2011

Featured Album Of The Week

In a week that will have us seeing new albums from Wilco, Blink-182, and Mastodon, I wanted to highlight a release that might get a little lost in the shuffle. My pick for the week is Velociraptor! by Kasabian. Kasabian is a great little British combo that has put out a few really good albums. In their native Britain, Kasabian have risen to nearly the top of the neo-BritPop scene, often being touted as the next Oasis. That's a tall mountain to climb, but these guys seem to be up to the hike. Velociraptor! is a great listen with plenty to love about it. With plenty of rock snarl and just enough synth to make you want to dance (not that I dance), I found this to be my surprise of the week.
So, when you stop by to get your new Wilco album, be sure to check this one out too. You may be surprised how often it'll make it's way onto your playlist.

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