Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mister Heavenly

Mister Heavenly-Out Of Love
My featured release this week is the debut album from Mister Heavenly, Out Of Love. The band is a side-project comprised of members of Modest Mouse, Man Man, and Islands. Some of you out there may have heard of Mister Heavenly due to Michael Cera's involvement as their touring bassist. Dubbed as "doom-wop", the album lives up to the expectations I would have for that phrase. It's poppy sounding, but with an underlying sadness in the lyrics. I found it very interesting. Fans of Modest Mouse will most likely enjoy this one. I don't really listen to Man, Man or Islands enough to know what their fans will think.
All-in-all, I would say this one is worth a couple trips about the turntable. Very enjoyable.
Check in next Tuesday for my next featured release.

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Anonymous said...

lord knows I've tried, but I still can't get behind this