Monday, February 14, 2011

Shelf Worthy

Shelf Worthy Stuff to Titillate Your Ears:

Yuck: "Yuck"
Viva la 90's college-rock!
Hands down my favorite release this month--it's all kinds of Dinosaur Jr deliciousness.

Cut Copy: "Zonoscope"
Cut Copy's synth-pop returns!  The second half of the album drags somewhat, but the stunning opener "Need You Now" more than makes up for any lagging. (My favorite Fabric Live is still these guys)

This is what I've been waiting for!  You know your recent EP served only to taunt me repeatedly.  If you've never seen Michael Lerner live, you need to get on it.  There's something so incredibly endearing about a large, fuzzy man warbling into the microphone  before running across the stage and diving face-first into a drum-kit and pounding the living crap out of it.

Tommy Guerrero: "Lifeboats and Follies"
Tommy G is ridiculously talented.  That is all.

Bright Eyes: "The People's Key"
Thank jeebus Conor Oberst has gotten over his Americana phase.  This is by no means "Lifted"--but this stands on its own merits.  It's painful and lovely, and the almost-resentful verbal spitting is classic Oberst, if a little more grown-up--after all, he is 31 today, and supposedly this is the final Bright Eyes release.
And I dare you not to choke up just a little bit when you listen to "One for You, One for Me."

Lady Gaga: "Born This Way" EP
...and you can judge me all you want.  


Also: Radiohead blindsides the public once again!
"The King of Limbs" everybody.
The CD is available March 28th, with the special heavy-duty release in May.
The download is available this Saturday, if you preorder

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