Tuesday, January 25, 2011

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Chikita Violenta's "Tre3s"
This is fabulous!  Shambly Mexican indie built on piles of guitars and sludge.  Chris Martins says it best: “Tre3s” is filled with heavily affected, panoramically epic lo-fi pop”

Iron and Wine's "Kiss Each Other Clean"
I really like this, yes. But someone please tell me who introduced Sam Beam to the saxophone?  I'd like to introduce him to my foot.

Fujiya &Miyagi's "Ventriloquizzing"
The kings of shambling, non-nonsensical minimalism-with-a-danceable-beat return, and it is divine.  

Say Hi's "Um, Uh Oh"
Not as creepy/intense as I like him to be ("Ferocious Mopes", anyone?), and actually really quite sad-sack--but clocking in at just over half an hour saves this from becoming tedious, and I rather enjoyed it.

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