Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Music XXII 1/2

Other Things I'm Enjoying This Week:

Badly Drawn Boy's Photographing Snowflakes
(Part 1 in his trilogy "It's What I'm Thinking")

Lovers' Darklight
(Gloriously melancholy Tegan-&-Sara-with-a-drum-machine Oregonian synth-pop.  I love you Carolyn Berk!  Call me?)

Hot Panda's How Come I'm Dead
(I can't even pin this one down--it's all over the place.  I hear Art Brut, the Lovely Feathers, Spinto Band, the Lupin soundtrack and who knows what else. I love the basslines, though, and I kinda sorta maybe wanna makeout with Chris Connelly)

Black Heart Procession's Blood Bunny/Black Rabbit
(Dismal, dark, depressing...with saws! I always dig the creepfest.  "Amore del Tropico" is still my favorite, though)

Also, those of you who still haven't listened to Janelle Monae need to get with it
(I love a woman in a tuxedo)

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