Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fun Now!

Shelf-Worthy This Week:
1. Richard Thompson--Dream Attic
2. Jenny & Johnny--I'm having Fun Now
3. Sonny & the Sunsets--Tomorrow is Alright
4. Neon Indian--Psychic Chasms
5. Rabbit!--Connect the Dots
6. Weepies--Be My Thrill
7. Carl Broemel (of My Morning Jacket)--All Birds Say
8.Film School--Fission

I'm seriously enjoying Film School's 4th major release. It rides its low-fi, post-rock shoegazeyness like a professional fox-hunt--and we all know my potentially inappropriate love for fuzz.

Rabbit! and the Weepies are both charming and sweet--Rabbit! on the up, and the Weepies on the sad side.

Jenny & Johnny is fun--think She & Him, but less kitschy 50's nostalgia.

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