Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Name's Bond

Arcade Fire's new album "The Suburbs" is pretty damn fabulous--and noticeably lighter than "Neon Bible," though still terribly, terribly melancholy. Gone are the organs and dirty backwoods arrangements. In their place is the sweetly bitter chime of guitars and growing up.

The new Wavves album "King of the Beach" had me dancing like an idiot--it's too bad Nathan Williams is a huge douche. This guy and this guy ("King of the Beach is far from a bad album [...b]ut it does so little to stand out, other than fall back on the same persona that Williams has been touting for the last two years, and frankly it’s gotten old") both hit it right on the head.

I also spent the morning listening to The Budos Band's "The Budos Band III" and pretending I was in a Sean-Connery-As James Bond movie...

Also, Buckcherry? Really? Why do you still exist?

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