Monday, April 5, 2010

Record Store Day 2010 is coming!

(Poster by the amazing John Dvorchak of The Witchdoctors)

The Line-up:
Outdoor Stage
(Between Von's and the Lovvvvshack):
12:00-1pm Narrow House
1-2pm The Prannies
2-3pm The Flintlocks
3-4pm Fredericks Martinez
4-5pm Root Hog
5-6pm Springload
6-7pm Sixdollarsuit
7-8pm The Witchdoctors
8-9pm Theophagy

11-11:30am 2nd Place Acorn
11:30-12am The Prannies
12:30-1pm Accidental Embroidery
2-2:30pm Mike Golden & Friends
2:30-3pm Paul K
3-4pm Brian the Haan
4-5pm John Dvorchak
6-6:30pm 2nd Place Acorn
6:30-7pm Seven Car Pile-Up
7-7:30pm Sanjay
8-9pm John Stossel's Mustache


thenoiseis said...

This looks sweet! Do you guys have a list of releases you'll be getting in?

A NEMEC said...

you should have Drum Kit play also.

Tom McCool said...

Are you taking any pre-orders on the special releases?

RabbitRabbit said...

We will not know for certain what we will have until closer to the date.

Record Store Day releases are first come first serve. We open at 9! :)