Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Best of Bonnaroo '10 Part 2: Rise Against. 16 weeks to go...

In this weekly feature, I will be counting down the weeks to Bonnaroo 2010 by exploring a group or artist that I am psyched to see. Check back on Tuesdays for new updates, and be sure to check out past features you've already missed. Oh, and BUY YOUR F-ING TICKETS NOW!

This week's artist is Rise Against. Rise Against is a Chicago-born punk rock band who have been rocking since 1999. The band is the punk answer to such politically-minded artists such as U2 and Radiohead. Much of the subject matter for their music is social responsibility, humanitarian crises and fair trade. Though in the wrong hands, this would make for terrible rock 'n roll, Rise Against's hardcore punk riffs drive a Prius with spiked tires and a sick-ass sound system.

Animal rights and veganism aside, Rise Against seriously rocks. Protest anthems such as "Prayer of the Refugee" shift from a collared appeal of worker's grievances to a growling chorus of righteous proletariat fury (a bit wordy but it's a fun visual, I think you'll agree.)

Rise Against will definitely add a much-needed punk rock kick to the festival, in stark contrast to its laid-back jam band reputation, and with their straight-edge sensibilities, they will certainly fit in well with like-minded artists and festival-goers who generally shy away from the power chord and rock anthem crowd.

Check out these tracks: "Give It All," "Tip the Scales," and "Savior"

Bonnaroo will be June 10-13 in Manchester, TN and is one of the biggest music festivals in the country. For a complete line-up and to order your tickets, go to

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