Monday, March 12, 2007

Thank God I'm Bald!

Jesus Christ!!!

Trying to get the new Blogger to work can make you want to chew your own face off!

Phil Spector is once again the only role model I need to survive. I'm just one fright wig away from juking the entire ozone-redolent internet with a knobs-at-eleven wall o' sound!

And what a proper joy that would bring! No more sleazy rip-off downloading. No more peer-to-peer, it's-my-right-as-an-American, weasel-whiny thieving. I'm joining the RIAA's no-tomorrows goon squad right now! You wanna download the Naked Brothers Band without payin? Say hello to a world o' hurt!

So to keep us all on the up and up, I've added links on the left (and I have the scars that will never heal to prove it) to several of the finest online feeds for new and truly interesting music. Radio is dead, and most of what passes for internet or cable radio ought to be beaten with a heavy stick. Instead, let the good fokes at brainwashed or dublab lead you into the promissary land of sounds you ain't never heard before. Wallow in their pleasure dome. See if it makes you feel differently about sound. Maybe make a few new connections.

Just go easy on the volume unless you really dig Phil's new look!

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